Dear Friends,

The event is now history, literally, and a history hard for any of us to forget.  I saw so many smiles, so many expressions of gratitude and so much support.  For many months we worked very hard to take care of myriad details - a list too long to write down on paper.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers spanning the Tibetan Association of Boston, Mayor McGlynn and everyone at Medford City Hall, our incredibly kind, patient and supportive Medford neighbors, and our tireless Kurukulla Center community members, we put on an event of enormous proportions for a relatively small center like ours.  This was an amazing exampe of community collaboration - we are humbled by everyone's generosity and support.

In the coming weeks we will revise the site to include some of the post-production materials that we're putting together.  The site will serve as a record of the amazing experience, including full video of the event.

For now, we'll rest a little bit, restore our neighbors' back yards, have a celebratory party, and start preparing for the next big thing at Kurukulla Center...

With much gratitude,

Sean González,

Event Coordinator